The Cantonment Board Quetta was established on 3rd December 1900. It is Class - II Cantt, with the population of 92,130 souls.


Composition of Board

The Board is comprised of 07x elected members including two indirectly elected and 07x Military Members, headed by Brigadier, being President Cantonment Board, and Cantonment Executive Officer, as Secretary of the Board.

Human Resources

The Total strength of CB Staff is 806 including the staff deployed in Cantonment Public School and Colleges for Girls and Boys.

Development Works

The development works were proposed for Rs.488.441 (M). The other expenditures like Establishment Rs.271.060 (M), Contingencies Rs.103.600 (M), M&R works Rs.52 (M) and Misc Expenditure Rs.307.500 (M).

Jurisdiction / Basic Data

Total area of the Quetta Cantonment is 19562 Acers, with following details:-



Class “C” Land

  676 Acers


Bazar Area (B – 4) Land

  519 Acers


Defence Land

  10163 Acers


Private land

  7806 Acers


Total Taxable units

‚Äč  3000


Cantt fund properties