Following are list of Parks located in Cantonment Board Quetta

S.No Name of Park Location
1 Aziz Bhatti Park  
2 Aziz Bhatti Play area  
3 Benazir Shaheed Park  
4 Bolan Park  
5 Chiltan Park  
6 CMH Park  
7 Shahbaz Park  
8 CBQ Office Park  

We demonstrate best horticultural practice and ensure we adapt our working methods to suit each individual site’s requirements. 

Our Services

  • Development & maintenance of parks, playgrounds.
  • Maintenance of existing green areas.
  • To organize fruits, flower, trees show and develop awareness among the public regarding importance of trees for human welfare.
  • Development of roadsides, plantation of trees, shrubs and grasses and improve the outlook.
  • Maintenance of graveyards.
  • Establishing the shady areas and trees in parks and roads tree trimming.
  • Sitting areas for adult and playing areas for children.
  • Water features are maintained in major parks to add to beauty and recreation.
  • Grass maintenance.